Earth Surface Dynamics

Changes in the surface of the Earth impact society’s existence on that surface. Thus, Earth surface behaviour is a primary interface between geology and society, and knowledge of that behaviour informs societal behaviour and development. This course will… Read More

Earth Systems Science

Geochronology Semester, 2012 Dynamic interactions between the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere determine the natural conditions of Earth at all spatial and temporal scales.  These interactions cycle matter and energy through the earth system via coupled chemical and… Read More

Environmental Geohazards

2012, 2017- GEOL113 Geohazards provides a general introduction to the dynamic nature of the Earth’s surface, and the hazards that certain geological phenomena pose for human society and the natural environment. Emphasis is placed on natural processes, specifically… Read More

Geodynamics and Geohazards

2012, 2017- Course Description: This course focuses on the processes and impacts of geological hazards and how they impact on society. Some attention is given to techniques and strategies for hazard mitigation. Lectures on the tectonic evolution of… Read More

New Zealand Tectonics and Geomorphology

University of Michigan, 2017 Our trip was a success! We explored some of New Zealand’s best field locales for studying active processes and associated natural hazards. Along with field projects involving neotectonic and structural mapping, glacial geomorphology, and… Read More

UMICH UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program)

  Title: Geology in 3D: virtual reality-based manipulation of high-resolution topographic datasets for earthquake hazard analysis Project Description: Earthquake hazard analysis requires centimeter-scale measurements of the deformed ground surface near active faults. Some survey techniques are capable of… Read More