• April 5 2016

    Where do your balloons end up after you release them? Did you think they got wafted to some remote village, where a child’s day, month, or childhood is made by your long-distance, anonymous gift? Or perhaps they continue… Read More

  • Ancient Earthquakes

    I promise this will be more substantive than “Ancient Aliens”, or at least less asinine. It will also be my final post for the field season- so thanks to all you for following along. I hope that you… Read More

  • Back to the Sevier

    I am enjoying a free night in a king suite due to a recent stint of mandatory hotel stays and estimated “heavy rains” into tomorrow. What better way to celebrate than spend my down time writing a blog… Read More

  • Beyond This Point

    …Deadly Force is Authorized. Not the kind of sign you want to see while you’re cruising dirt roads looking for an access point to public land. Even with my iPad faithfully telling me which land is Private, Bureau… Read More

  • In the House

    The House Range. Remote. There is no cell coverage here and, because I can see for 50-100 miles in most directions, I can confirm that I am the only person (with a car, at least) in the lonely… Read More

  • Coyotes

    10/2-10/3 I have been walking around Tabernacle Hill the last few days, mapping faults and exploring lava tubes. It was among my greatest Indiana Jones moments- climbing across a 2 meter wide tension crack in a tumulus (a round… Read More

  • Earth Wind and Fire

    9/28-10/1 Last night was a bit sleep-deprived due to an unknown but large animal walking around my back-country camp in the sand dunes. I looked for tracks in the morning. Everything looks like mountain lion tracks to me…. Read More

  • Week One

    9/24-9/27 The faults are glorious, R. I found a new outcrop on the Drum Mountains fault that shows the amount of displacement in the last earthquake. I took samples to try and date the layer of “dirt” that… Read More

  • In the Drums

    9/22-9/23 I can hear my blood circulating in my ears. Occasional wind. Scurrying lizard. When I walk, I might be so lucky as to send a Jack Rabbit bolting off into the distance. But none of these things… Read More

  • Starting Out

    9/21/2015 Do yourself a favor. If you haven’t driven Rt. 70 West from Denver into Utah, do it. There is more life changing scenery in a single drive – let alone the vast wildernesses and national parks to… Read More

  • Prologue

    9/20/2015 I am sitting in an inn in Ephraim, Utah, surrounded by The Mussolini, piles of maps and an uncountable number of electronic devices (five). I have meticulously filled two 7 gallons water containers, liter by liter, from… Read More

  • Current Events

    Stay tuned for updates in the Geology world and other important upcoming dates!

  • Dig these Sites

    Here some sites that may be useful for paleoseismologists or others interested in earthquake science. Paleoseismicity.org : THE source for recent paleoseismology publications, events and key players. Utah GIS Portal: For all topographic, imagery, and boundary GIS needs. University… Read More